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EnerProject SA, Switzerland, a world-renowned compressor packager for gas turbines, gas processing and gas recovery systems with 20 years of experience. They supplied approx. 410 nos. packages to 32 countries all over world mainly for fuel gas booster applications. They offer products in line with the traditional Swiss precision, providing the latest engineering solutions at outstanding quality.

EnerProject design, engineer and manufacture packages for gas compression, based on various technologies. Their primary business is screw type compressors. However, they use rotary vanes and other technologies on case by case basis, depending on the final application and industry demands.

Their products are conceived to ease transport and service; to operate under any climate conditions; to cover a comprehensive range of gas turbines fuel demand, oil and gas applications and refrigeration applications; to meet the needs of both the industry and private sector. All our products find use in different fields of application such as, among others, gas gathering, gas boosting, associated gas recovery, industrial refrigeration, among others.

They complement their product range by supplying gas metering and filtration stations that provide clean and dry gas, regulated in pressure, temperature and cleanliness, according to the customers’ requirements.

EnerProject supply a wide range of compressors, up to 50000 Nm3/h. The choice of compressor type and capacity control type is based on the flow rate and inlet/outlet pressure required, but basically they supply as required in most cases by the client, a screw type compressor packages.



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