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BioGas Upgradation
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BioGas Upgradation Details

M/s Greenlane Technologies - New Zealand will offer to Indian Customers a complete product line of  Bio Gas Up gradation Plants used in converting raw Bio Gas into easily stored Bio Methane with 98% to 99% Methane, thereby providing the highest level of purity of methane, available anywhere in the world. This is achieved due to ‘proprietary technologies’ developed by Greenlane. 

M/s Greenlane Technologies - New Zealand is a global leader in Bio Gas Upgradation Plants and has a 33% Market Share with deep penetration in well developed & mature Bio Methane markets of Europe / Canada & North America Markets and supplied its 100th Plant on 31st May 2016. . 

The range of products of  M/s Greenlane Technologies - New Zealand are as follows:

  • Kanu                   50- 300 Nm3/hr  
  • Rimu                   250-800Nm3/hr                    
  • Matai                  400-1200Nm3/hr
  • Totara/Totara+   650-2000Nm3/hr


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