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GE V228 & 250 Gensets
GE Land Based Stationary Genset
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GE Transportation is a world leader in high-performance medium-speed diesel engine design and manufacturing over 2,400 engines annually.  GE Transportation’s experience and proven technology deliver dependable, efficient, cost-effective power solutions in some of the world’s harshest operating environments.

GE Transportation’s V228 and 250 Series Medium Speed (1000 rpm) Diesel Generator Sets with generation voltage up to 13.8 KV give continuous outputs of up to 3.9 MW.

GE’s Gen sets can deliver outputs in the range of 1.4 – 5.0 MW, if operated on a Black start emergency standby power application.  These Gen sets can operate in island, load share, black start or utility parallel modes and can be supplied in a fully enclosed or skid-mounted unenclosed configuration based on customer’s requirements.

The high-capacity turbocharger, electronic fuel injection and efficient combustion management make fuel and lube oil consumption among the lowest in the industry.

Key features of GE’s Medium Speed Diesel Engines:

  • Low Fuel Consumption
  • Quick delivery to meet customer expectations.
  • GE Engines can operate in ambient temperatures of upto 50oC without deration.
  • Meets stringent emissions norms (EPA Tier 4 engines launched with EGR tech)
  • Ability to cater for large Block Loads immediately on starting due to higher Moment of Inertia.
  • Flexible operation in island mode, load share, black start or in parallel to utilities.
  • Longer Life (typically more than 20 years).
  • Easy Maintenance due to Modular construction.
  • Low operation and maintenance results in lower lifetime cost



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