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EndurAlloy™ - Boronized Tubing
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EndurAlloy Tubing Information
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Endurance Technologies Inc., Canada, offers its patented diffusion alloying technology - EndurAlloy™ boronized products like Production Tubings etc. EndurAlloy™ production tubing and casing is recognized by industry as the premium tubing to combat rod wear, erosion, abrasion and corrosion issues.

It is NOT a coating or liner, and it does not reduce the ID of the tubing. Diffusion alloying deposits boron molecules directly into the steel substrate creating a surface that is 8x harder than steel itself. This hard, dense surface protects from erosion and abrasion, as well as corrosion caused by CO2 or H2S. Every well can benefit from the added protection and insurance of EndurAlloy™ Boronized Tubing. Depending on well condition, you can expect EndurAlloy™ Boronized tubing to last three (3) to Eight (8) times longer than regular production tubing.

Advantages of EndurAlloy™

  • Eliminates workovers and lost production
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Only necessary to run EndurAlloy™ tubing in the “problem” sections
  • Succeeds where coatings, liners and exotic metals fail
  • High performance in severe environments
  • Full Bore Production
  • High corrosion-resistance due to dense surface (H2S, CO2, produced water)
  • No loss of inside diameter as with coated or lined tubing
  • Reduced co-efficient of friction
  • Base tubing is standard J55 joint, so no special handling is required for ID-processed product
  • Excellent Return On Investment



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