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Eliminator Downhole Tools - Breakout Machine

Eliminator is a complete source for high-quality drilling tools, servicing the oil & gas exploration and development industry. With a combined total of more than 50 years experience in the oil and gas industry, Eliminator is comprised of enthusiastic, talented and solution-focused professionals who care for the needs of our customers and our company.

Eliminator services and solutions combine a realm of expertise, best practices, safe and environmentally sound operations, innovative technologies, and high-quality support aimed at helping its customer increase oilfield efficiency, lower finding and producing costs, improve productivity, maximize reserve recovery, and increase asset value in a safe, environmentally sound manner. Eliminator is a complete source for high-quality drilling tools, service the oil & gas exploration and development industry.

Breakout Machine

Eliminator's Power Tork breakout unit is a self contained hydraulic make-up and break-out machine designed for fast, safe and dependable maintenance of tools and motors in either a workshop or drill site locations. The basic machine consists of a bed complete with fixed headstock chuck, moveable tailstock chuck that applies torque, and a hydraulic console unit.

• 160,000 ft-lbs make-up torque
• 200,000 ft-lbs break torque
• Accommodates 3 ½ " to 14" tools
• Bed lengths of 12 ft (3.6m), 14 ft (4.3m), 16 ft (4.9m) available
• Safe 3,000 PSI system pressure
• Can read as low as 7,500 ft-lbs
• 25hp multi voltage electric motor (customer specified for set up in any country)
• Tailstock Spinner – 500 ft-lbs at 6 ½" OD
• Levelling jacks on tailstock
• Three hydraulic support rollers
• Push/Pull cylinder - 48" strock at 20,000 ft-lbs


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