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Strong Back - Composite Reinforcement System
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NIXUS International is a global leader in the provision of Cathodic Protection Systems and Components, Composite Pipeline Repair Systems, and Enzyme-Enhanced Oil Recovery.  The World’s Leading Composite Reinforcement System.

For more than 30 years, Nixus has provided cost-effective and timely solutions to the world's largest petroleum companies like SHELL, BP, PETRONAS, ENI, CHEVRON, NIPPON OIL, TOTAL, AGIP, CONOCOPHILLIPS, PDVSA GAS, PDO and SAUDI ARAMCO etc…

  • Cathodic Protection Systems and Components:

Nixus is the manufacturer & supplier of Sacrificial Anodes, MMO Anodes, Impressed Current Anodes, Cathodic Protection Cables, Transformer Rectifiers and Thermal Electric Generators etc…also have experience in Cathodic Protection Design, Stray Current Analysis, Corrosion Audits, Site Surveys and Maintenance, Testing & Compliance.

NIXUS serves the Water & Gas Utilities, and the Marine, Oil and Petrochemical Industries.

  • Composite Pipeline Repair Systems:

StrongBack (A product of NIXUS), is the world's leading Pipeline Composite Reinforcement System. Consisting of water-activated, resin-impregnated Glass Fibre Tape and a specially-formulated epoxy, StrongBack is the strongest, simplest, and most cost-effective permanent repair solution. The StrongBack system is suited to both pipeline and structural repair and reinforcement applications on land and undersea. An Online repair services on existing Pipelines.

The main applications are in Refineries, Offshore Drilling Rigs, Pipeline Companies, Chemical Plants, Marine Industry, Water Treatment Facilities, Nuclear Power Plants etc…

  •  Enzyme-Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR):

GreenZyme®, the world's first Bio-Enzyme genetically engineered for use in Enhanced Oil Recovery and Well Stimulation. Wells treated with GreenZyme will typically increase daily production output by 90% or greater, and often double in production two weeks after being treated. NIXUS distributes GreenZyme throughout the America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.



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