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Diamond Wire Cutting Systems

The Cut Group of companies was established by Tecnospamec in 1999 with the mission to provide new advanced offshore technologies for Oilfield decommissioning in the North Sea and other key oil producing provinces worldwide.

Cut boasts substantial experience in marketing key technologies within the Offshore Structure Management & Abandonment applications.

The Group markets and operate the Tecnospamec Diamond Wire Cutting System worldwide and is actively involved in major international decommissioning projects offshore.

Cut UK is member of key offshore technology associations for dissemination of information to the Industry.

  1. Diamond Wire Cutting Systems: Diamond Wire Cutting System, a high efficiency patented System for cutting of underwater structures using a specially designed Diamond Wire.
  2. Operations with Diamond Wire Cutting System (DWCS)

Diamond Wire Cutting Systems can be utilized for cutting underwater structures as pipeline, platform legs and or braces, wellhead, jetty piles, etc. either for removal (decommissioning) or for repair or modification of an existing structure.

The DWCS represents an effective, fast and reliable solution to various cutting problems, The operation is 100% safe ( remotely controlled) and result is guarantee: in case of problems the problem is assessed and solves when it shows (it means that compared to other cutting system like Abrasive Water Jet, AWJ, when our operator declares cut completed the cut is completed, the wire is passed on the other side hence there is no doubt that the structure is severed and can be removed while with mentioned AWJ there is no guarantee that the structure is completely cut).

There is no limitation to water depth. An operation was executed at Golf of Maxico at depth of 4000ft with the help of a WROV.

The DWCS can be utilized also for cutting operation above water (in this case we need a flow of water, free flow approx 60 liter per minute on the cutting area) to serve as lubricant and coolant for the cutting wire.

The DWCS was successfully utilized for cutting operations inside refineries during revamping and maintenance operation. A dome of 10m Dia with wall thickness of 32mm steel and 152mm refractory mesh was cut in 36hrs of a regenerating tower inside a refinery of SHELL.

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