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Electric Heaters
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Vulcanic Group is a leader in Explosion Proof Electric Heaters and provide Electrical Heating and Cooling Solutions for the Industry. They Design and Manufacture safe and hazardous area electrical process heating and temperature control solutions since 1973, 30000 customers in 100 different countries across the globe and an ISO 9001:2008 accredited company. Employing above 600 people across 8 Manufacturing locations.

Heating of Solids and of static or circulating Fluids (Liquids, Air, Gas)

• Heating Elements
• Cartridge Heaters, Band Heaters, Strip Heaters, Heating Plates, PTC Resistors, Bolt Heaters, Silicone Heating Panels, Heating Tapes, Cables with mineral Insulation, …
• Infrared Generators
• Industrial Radiators, Finned Strip Heaters, Duct Heaters, Fan Heaters, Hot Air Generators, ...
• Screw Plug Immersion Heaters, Ceramic Core Elements, Flexible Heating Hoses, Heating Belts, ...
• Flange Immersion Heaters, In-line Flow Heaters, …

Measurement and Temperature Control

• Thermostats, Temperature Probes PT, Thermocouples, Transmitters
• Displays, Measurement Converters, Communication Systems (Profibus, Device-net, Hart, Ethernet, Modbus, ...), PID controllers, ...
• Power supplies, Power units, Cabinets with integrated control and power units,...

Process Temperature Control Systems and Industrial Air Conditioning

• Process Temperature Control Systems to achieve: heating, heating/cooling, heating/cooling with a frigorific unit
• Air Conditioners for Electrical Cabinets, Air/Water Heat Exchangers, Water Coolers

Main offshore & onshore applications

• Wellhead Crude oil heating for viscosity
• Suction line heating for storage tank
• Fuel oil forwarding for boiler/turbine
• Waste Oil Heating

Oil Fractioning and Polymerization - Gas Treatment

• Continuous Catalyst Regeneration
• Reactor catalyst beds temperature control
• Hydrotreating
• Hydrocraking
• Isomerization
• KO/Flare Drum Vapour/Liquid

Fuel gas conditioning for boiler start-up and gas turbines

• Auxiliaries Systems
• TEG, MEG Dehydration
• Natural gas heating to prevent from freezing before
pressure reduction (compression and metering stations)
• Liquefied natural gas heating and vaporizing
• Gas Sweetening / Amine Gas treatment
• Molecular Sieve Regeneration
• Air/Gas separation processes



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