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Leak Detection System

Sewerin's expertise is the development & manufacture of electronic measuring equipment for locating, measuring and warning of water and gas leaks. An internationally successful, technically innovative, family owned company with headquarters in Gütersloh, Germany. With top level products and services, Sewerin is a market technology leader and a partner to the gas and water supply industry. Together with their 85 years of experience in the development of measuring devices, the knowledge accumulated by Sewerin measuring teams contributes significantly to their success.

In addition to the sale of measuring devices and services offered by gas and water leak detection teams, the Sewerin group of companies offers stationary and mobile device maintenance service, development of emergency and leakage service vehicles and servicing and repair of home installations.

Areas of Operation:

WATER LEAK LOCATION Advanced digital and electro-acoustic technology for the professional water leak technician. Correlators, Ground mics, Tracer gas, Noise loggers.
PIPE &CABLE LOCATION Tracing & Locating both metallic and non-metallic (plastic) pipes using electro-acoustics; electromagnetic fields (signal generators- Genny). Pipe and cable locators & tracers, metal detectors.

Instruments for, locating,  tracing, warning of gas leaks in distribution networks, houses & the work place

BIOGAS ANAEROBIC DIGESTION & LANDFILL Portable and fixed Systems to monitor Biogas, Anaerobic Digetsters, CHP plants & landfill gas composition

Gas Leak Detection Instruments and Accessories

Gas Leak Location – Gas Network Survey
  • Ex Tech HS 600 range of gas detectors
  • Portafid
  • Ex-Tec OD4
  • Leakplotter


Gas Leak Location – Gas Leak Detection

  • Variotec 480
  • Portafid
  • Variotec 460
  • Ex-Tec GM 4
  • MultiTec 520
  • Snooper Mini
  • Ex-Tec Snooper 4
  • Leakplotter
Gas Leak Location – Confined Space
  • Flix-Ex/Flis
Gas Lak Location – Gas Warning
  • Variotec 480 Ex
  • Ex-Tec HS 600 range of gas detector
  • Flis-Ex/Flis
  • Ex-Tec GM4
  • Multitec 520
  • Ex-Tec PM4
Landfill and Biogas
  • Flame Ionisation
  • Portafid
  • SR2-Bio
  • Multitec 540
  • Multitec 560
  • Multitec Biocontrol
Water Leak Location Tools/Equipment
Water Leak Location – Electro-acoustic water leak detection
  • Aquaphon
  • Aquaphon A100
  • Aqua Test T10
  • SeCorrPhon AC 06
  • Stethophon 04
Water Leak Location - Noise Logger
  • SePem 01 GSM
  • SePem 100 / 150
Water Leak Location – Tracer Gas
  • Snooper Mini
  • Variotec 460 Tracergas
  • SeCorr 08
  • SeCorr 300
  • SeCorrPhon AC06
Pipe and Cable Location Equipment
Pipe and Cable Locators
  • Utilitrac Pipe Locator
  • Combiphon Plastic Pipe Locator
  • Aquaphon AF 100 Ground Microphone/Pipe Cable Locator
  • Ferrotec 350
  • M 130

For more details log on to www.sewerin.com, www.sewerin.co.uk


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