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With offices on five continents, manufacturing facilities on four, and thousands of employees worldwide, Wayne Fueling Systems has shaped the retail and fleet fueling industry ever since its modest beginnings in 1891. Known for combining cutting-edge technology with exceptional customer focus and win-win industry partnerships, Wayne Fueling Systems has become the leading supplier of integrated solutions to its customers in the retail and fleet petroleum industry.

Wayne Fueling Systems - headquartered in Austin, Texas - is largely responsible for the innovations that contribute to the look and functionality of the modern service station. From dispensers and POS systems to retail intelligence and after-sale support services, Wayne Fueling Systems is committed to continuing its long tradition of providing innovative, customer-centric solutions in all facets of the industry.

Wayne Fueling Systems is forging new directions with advanced technology that enables fuel retailers to do more with less. A global innovator of retail and fleet fuel dispensers and technologies, Wayne Fueling Systems is leading the way with technological advances on multiple fronts, from eco-fuel solutions and regulation-compliant pay-at-the-pump security to multimedia marketing and groundbreaking site control systems. Wayne Fueling Systems has come a long way since the first oil pump in 1891, and we continue to focus on a future of ever-expanding possibilities


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