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Howden Roots is the global centre of excellence in Howden for rotary lobe (positive displacement) blowers and with a team of over 300 skilled associates around the world we are globally recognised as an innovative and advanced manufacturer of high quality blowers and compressors.  Working in industries such as chemical production, waste water treatment, power generation and general industrial applications Howden Roots range of blowers and compressors delivers results.

Roots blowers can be found all over North America, and throughout the world and we continue to provide aftersales service and support to almost 200,000 Roots type blowers around the globe.

Our positive displacement rotary blowers can be manufactured with gear diameters from 10" to 36" and operate from sub-atmospheric to positive pressures at flows up to 170,000 m3/hr while our small rotary range extends from 2" gear diameters to 8".


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