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Walter Tosto S.p.A. is a well reputed Italian company specialized in the design and fabrication of high quality heavy pressure equipments. With more than 40 years of experience, a current strength of 400 dedicated employees and workers are engaged to satisfy customer needs all over the world. Their current production of stationery equipment is about 13,000 tons with some single items weighing more than 1,000 tons.

Since 1st of January 2007 Walter Tosto S.p.A is merged through incorporation with Bosco Industrie Meccaniche. Bosco heat transfer division will now share the company mission to even more present in the world of pressure equipments.

Walter Tosto has six fabrication shops and assembly yard located in the Ortona port on the Adriatic Sea. This facility equipped with self-propelled trolleys and a mobile crane of 1000 tons, allowing the assembly and shipment of items in one piece with diameters up to 12mt, lengths up to 100mt and weights over 1400 tons.

Ortona Yard has a strategic position on the Adriatic Sea; from where, customers can easily ship their equipment to every desired destination.

Walter Tosto holds ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certified quality system. Their engineering department can provide computer added design in accordance to international standards namely API 620, ASME Sect1, 8, AD 2000 etc.

Heavy Industry Equipments:

The heavy industry production is based on requests of high technology which is destined to large companies that operate in areas of refineries, Petrochemicals etc, of national or  international-stature.
In the last few years, this area has registered a significant growth. The current demand from the clients is to supply products of even more sophisticated and high quality and widening the range of products to columns, reactors, manifolds, anti water hammer tanks etc.
Walter Tosto over this period, has largely improved its skills in the fabrication of  process equipments for heavy industries.

Heat Transfer Equipments:

The new Heat Transfer Division has been created in 2007 after the merger between Walter Tosto Serbatoi SpA and Bosco Industrie Meccaniche SpA.

The know-how, and the experience acquired over the years and the continuous technical improvements together with the prestigious name, have resulted in an increase in its fabrication capacity from 11% to 30% (estimated for 2008).
As a result of all this, new equipment such as tubular reactors, have been manufactured expanding the possibilities on this area of specialization.

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