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Vanmok Leak Detection Technologies Inc, a Canadian firm based in Alberta, specializes in offering an innovative cutting-edge leak/theft detection technology (based on Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics) to the Pipeline Industry. Its mission is to “protect the energy industry and the environment from the likihood and severity of potential spills by providing innovative engineering, design and analytic solutions to improve pipeline integrity and operations.”

Vanmok has developed state-of-the-art software that not only improves pipeline leak detection and safety, but also reduces the environmental disruption and protects the environment from pipeline leaks/spills. Our software helps the Pipeline Industry to assure regulators that pipeline leak detection requirements are being met.

Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, more than 50% of our team is dedicated to R&D. We strive to continue developing our software to provide the industry with unique Computational Pipeline Monitoring (CPM) software that improves pipeline leak detection and protects the environment from negative impacts, creating more positive outcomes.

In addtion, Vanmok develops pipeline leak detection analysis tools, simulators, trainers, and client-specific operator training and qualification programs. Utilizing a full suite of Vanmok professional services, clients can achieve and maintain compliance with all government regulations for pipeline operator competency and continuous training requirements.

Core business is to offer pipeline Leak detection technology related products and, Services.

Vanmok LD® Studio:

Vanmok has developed Leak Detection Software (Vanmok LD™ Studio), which can detect leaks ranging in size from 0.5% of nominal flow rate (such as leaks from pinholes) to ruptures within 200 meters** accuracy in a short span of time (less than few minutes). Vanmok LD™ Studio works with traditional SCADA data.

Vanmok LD™ Studio distinguishes between column separation and leaks. In addition to distinguishing between separation and leaks, in the instances that both a leak and column separation occur, Vanmok LD™ Studio predicts leak factors (segment, leak percentage and leak location) as well as the timing of the inception and evolution of column separation.

The products under Vanmok LD ™ Studio include:

  • LeakSpotter™ - Module for detecting small pinhole leaks to large pipeline ruptures and locate them with precision.
  • Columnfinder™ - A predictor of liquid-gas phase change in the pipeline (column separation), its evolution and localization.
  • RuptureScreamer™, HMI tools, VizModule.

Vanmok LD™ technology can be used effectively for theft detection by precisely locating the hot tapping by thieves within 200 meters ** in less than a few minutes.


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